Apartments and flats

Explore your flatting and housing options—including those offered by the University—and learn about temporary accommodation for before you move into a hall.

The Wellington region provides a variety of rental housing options, such as single-detached houses, apartments, townhouses, studios, and old houses which have been converted to flats. Private board and furnished rooms and properties are also available.

You can move into a vacant property (by yourself or in a group) or into a vacant bedroom in an already established place (with existing flatmates).

Another option is to live in Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington apartments or flats that are rented for the academic year.

University apartments and flats

Find out which of the University’s accommodation options offer self-catered shared flats or studio apartments—popular with second-year and above students.

Tips for finding a rental property

Get advice on Wellington’s rental market—where to look for flats, the costs, property viewings, and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Temporary accommodation

Find temporary accommodation options if you plan to look for a place to live on arrival, or are arriving before your hall move-in date.