Taylor Greer

Taylor’s Master’s research investigates the use of Deconstructivism as an instrumental and operational method to explore the design capabilities of an interior.

Taylor Greer Master of Interior Architecture student

“My thesis will present an interior architectural design for a series of retail stores located in Wellington, New Zealand. Each interior will have a specific design based upon deconstructed components of its identity,” says Taylor.

“Underlying my research is the assertion that interior architecture should be in constant flux to reveal meaningful, innovative, and unique designs. I would like to challenge our design environment to arrive at new solutions regarding how we use, interpret, and experience interior space. As well as incorporating contextual and cultural narratives into design outcomes.

“I hope that my thesis will assist designers in creating culturally and contextually rich, unorthodox, functional, and atmospheric designs. It may also assist in establishing the role of Deconstructivism within interior architecture, and further our understanding of our relationship with the built environment.”

For Taylor, the self-directed nature of the Master’s has been invaluable. “It gives me a stronger sense of artistic and professional independence because there are minimal restrictions.”

Taylor’s supervisors, Robin Skinner and Geoff Thomas have been a highlight of her Master’s experience. “They are great at facilitating the growth and further exploration of my ideas. They encourage me to develop the necessary efficiency, diligence, and communication for my research. I look forward to meeting with my supervisors each week because I leave feeling motivated and inspired. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such experts and lovely people.”

For a fourth-year paper about professional practice, Taylor and a few of her fellow students interviewed Nspire Design, an Architecture firm in Wellington, about their business. Many months later Nspire Design offered Taylor a job as an Architectural Graduate.

“I aspire to work as an Interior Architect overseas. I would love for my projects to be recognised as creative and unorthodox, with a rich architectural language of raw materials, bold form and careful detailing.”