Earthquake Hazard Centre

The Earthquake Hazard Centre is a research and information network focused on earthquake-resistant design and construction.

earthquake hazard centre

The Earthquake Hazard Centre (EHC) is a research and information network which disseminates earthquake-resistant design and construction information with a focus upon the needs of Developing Countries.

The EHC seeks to share basic earthquake engineering knowledge and research findings that may be known and applied in some countries, with professionals within the building industry who are working in construction-related fields in Developing Countries. The EHC aims to provide information which is relevant and appropriate to the limited resources available in communities where this information is most needed.

A quarterly newsletter is the sole publication of the Centre. The first issue was published in July 1997, for pre 2010 issues email

The newsletter contains research findings, news and information to improve earthquake-resistant design and construction practice. By networking internationally with as many relevant institutions as possible, the EHC provides up-to-date and technologically appropriate information, encouraging improvements to the earthquake performance of the built environment within Developing Countries.

Current newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter


  • Editorial
  • Virtual site visit no. 46
  • Continuation of a summary of the paper 'Confined Masonry Buildings: The Chilean Experience'
  • First part of the 'Improving housing seismic safety in developing countries: The world housing encyclopedia'

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