Sarah Buet

Discovering the analytical side of architecture led Sarah to studying building science, and she's never looked back.

Sarah Buet Bachelor of Building Science student sitting at desk in front of iMac

“I chose to study at Victoria University of Wellington because I loved the Wellington culture and how the University offered so many different courses and electives, so I could really customise my degree to my strengths,” says Sarah Buet, Bachelor of Building Science student.

The broad scope of disciplines and courses offered by the Wellington School of Architecture introduced Sarah to new ways of thinking and looking at both the world and architecture. After her first year of study, she’s found her passion in Building Science.

“When I started my studies, I was going to major in Architecture, but then I discovered I enjoy the analytical side of architecture, learning and understanding how the building works as opposed to how it looks. Understanding this led me into building science and I have never regretted my decision.

“I’ve really enjoyed all the sustainability courses I have taken, as not only is sustainability something that is completely different from anything I learnt about in high school, but it’s also something I feel is particularly relevant to the future of architecture.”