Rana Abdollahi Rizi

Rana Abdollahi Rizi’s research investigates how occupants’ behaviour in buildings can be recorded to inform building design and improve their comfort and energy

Rana photo

Occupants’ behaviour plays a significant role in achieving comfortable environments within buildings. Occupants require electricity, lighting, heating, and cooling from building systems whilst emitting body heat and occupying and moving through space. In recent decades, modern technologies have enabled buildings to control these environmental factors from externalities to achieve environmentally friendly designs. However, most energy simulation studies have excluded the direct and indirect impacts of occupants’ behaviour on these systems and spaces. Therefore, understanding occupants’ behaviour and incorporating it into energy simulations will improve energy efficiency and comfort in building design.

Rana’s doctoral research includes case studies that record occupants’ behaviours in virtual reality environments across different simulated comfort levels. It then deduces how these behaviours impact the performance of building systems based on existing research and develop guidelines for incorporating occupants’ behaviour into energy simulations and building design.

The findings of Rana’s research will enhance academics and practitioners’ understanding of how occupants’ behaviour impacts building energy efficiency and comfort.


Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel and Dr Nilesh Bakshi


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