Daniel Coombes

An aesthetics of more-than-human designing in the Anthropocene

Daniel photo

Daniel is a PhD candidate and Tutor in landscape architecture at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington. He has taught landscape architecture in Korea and more recently in China at Birmingham City University’s transnational design institute. Daniel has presented his design research at conferences within culture studies, ethnography, philosophy, landscape and architecture. A section of his Master’s research on using fieldwork methods to inquire into theories of landscape architecture is included in the forthcoming Routledge publication Fieldwork in Landscape Architecture - Methods, Actions, Tools.

Daniel started his PhD in July of 2021. The working title for his research proposal is An aesthetics of more-than-human designing in the Anthropocene. Daniel’s research is undertaken through a creative practice, and as such employs a critical research by design methodology.


Dr Hannah Hopewell and Associate Professor Simon Twose