Yutong Jin

The architecture and humanities of ancient religious paintings are transferred from a two-dimensional space to an immersive virtual environment

Due to technical limitations, all three-dimensional things and more abstract religious thoughts in traditional Chinese religious murals can only be reflected through two-dimensional paintings and texts, so that is a one way to communicate traditional religious art and thoughts. Now we can also use the existing three-dimensional technology to enable people to obtain different ways of experience, transforming the carrier of traditional religious content from two-dimensional paintings and words into a multi-dimensional immersive environment, which can enrich people's experience of traditional religious content in a novel way, and make the process differently accessible and understood.

By studying the architecture, spatial structure, visual hierarchy and perspective of ancient Chinese religious murals, we can help us understand the architectural style of ancient Chinese religions and build them in a virtual environment. Secondly, the study of culture, people, ideas and symbols in religious frescoes and documents can help us to bring these intangible concepts to the user in a different way of experience in a virtual environment.

Yutong has participated in the production of virtual effects for the China Central Television New Year's Eve Party and many other parties.


Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel


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