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The Wellington School of Architecture houses two specialised research units: the Centre of Building Performance Research and the Earthquake Hazard Centre.

The Wellington School of Architecture takes pride in being a leader in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Building Science research. To support this research, the School established specialised research units.

Centre of Building Performance Research

The Centre of Building Performance Research (CBPR) is the first of its kind in New Zealand, CBPR is built upon the expertise in architectural research and building performance research developed by the Wellington School of Architecture over the past 25 years. This centre was established by the Council of Victoria University of Wellington in 1998.

The Centre for Building Performance Research aims to:

  • extend and enhance the knowledge of the performance of buildings and the built sector as a whole
  • develop building design and operation knowledge that will improve the quality of buildings
  • improve the flow of information to all those involved in the research, design, construction and use of buildings
  • develop a research database on the performance of New Zealand buildings
  • foster links between researchers and professionals in the building industry through joint development activities.

Earthquake Hazard Centre

The Earthquake Hazard Centre (EHC) is an information hub for earthquake-resistant construction in developing countries.

The EHC seeks to share basic earthquake engineering knowledge, commonplace in developed countries, with those working in construction-related fields in developing countries. The EHC aims to provide relevant information in an appropriate way to communities where this information is most needed, recognising their limited resources.

The EHC is a non-profit organisation financially supported by Robinson Seismic Ltd and the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. It is based at the Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.