Xi Shao

Find out why Xi thinks Wellington is the perfect place to study architecture.

Xi Shao sat at desk looking at computer.

Xi enjoys studying architecture in Wellington.

“This compact and friendly city is a perfect place for students. Its artistic atmosphere is really good for inspiring students.”

Xi’s favourite project so far has been designing a community centre for Newtown, an eclectic suburb in southern Wellington. This project was part of the Architecture Design Integration course and looked at people–environment relationships. The course is run in collaboration with Wellington City Council and Newtown Community and Cultural Centre.

“I learnt a lot of design ideas and techniques from this course. It was the most challenging architecture project I have worked on but very rewarding and has potential to actually be built.”

The Wellington School of Architecture has lived up to Xi’s expectations, and he has found the balance between practical and theory to be great.

Xi will start his Master’s degree next year.