Tamaraukuro Tammy Amasuomo

Architects’ perception of the implementation of environmentally sustainable design.

Tamaraukuro’s research is an evaluation of the architects’ perception of Environmentally Sustainable Design methods (ESDs). It will be argued that architects’ play the most significant role from the conceptual stages to the completion of a building and as such must take responsibility for minimizing the energy consumption and impact of the building on the environment. Several studies have shown that, despite widespread knowledge of ESDs only a few buildings appear to be sustainably designed.

This study has been approached firstly by undertaking a review of the New Zealand and Nigerian context and analysing a number of climatic parameters which are seen as principal enablers for attaining a sustainable built environment. It further expands on the scope of environmentally sustainable design methods, regarding them as instruments through which global and regional climate issues can be mitigated.

The study then evaluates the concept of ESDs within the New Zealand and Nigerian context and how the built environment has responded to ESDs with reference to the National Building Code, building rating systems, and efforts made by both the private and public sectors towards the attainment of a sustainable built environment.


Professor Regan Potangaroa and Emeritus Professor George Baird.