The Wellington School of Architecture offers a range of postgraduate qualifications, including certificates, diplomas, Master’s programmes, and PhD degrees.

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Our programmes are tailored to meet the growing needs of the profession while addressing the future demands people have for their built environments. Each qualification offers you the flexibility to tailor your studies to your interests and career aspirations.

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Master’s programmes

Concept for multi-level urban housing by MArch(Prof) student Jesse Ewart

Master of Architecture (Professional) (MArch[Prof])

Prepare to work as a professional architect. Hone your skills as a designer, develop your ability to think visually and in three dimensions, and learn how to best meet your clients’ needs through practical, real-life experiences.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in Architecture and a Master of Architecture (Professional) will have met the academic requirements to register as a professional architect.

A female postgraduate science student is wearing a lab coat and writing formulas on a transparent whiteboard.

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

Develop your creative expertise and become a professional landscape architect. Gain the knowledge and skills to create innovative design solutions for outdoor spaces.

Our MLA is one of only three programmes in New Zealand that meet the standards for accreditation with the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) and can now be studied at our Auckland campus as well as in Wellington.

Concept design for interior with open floor plan and vertical wooden features on walls

Master of Interior Architecture (MIA)

Become a specialist in the architectural design of interior spaces. Examine the relationships between materials, people, and space. Make a difference to people’s wellbeing through the innovative design of interior spaces.

Our MIA is internationally recognised through two professional bodies.

CAD render of interior space with light brown wavy honeycomb wood ceiling

Master of Architectural Science (MArchSc)

Become an expert in the science of the built environment and increase your understanding of the connections between architecture, engineering, testing, and building research.

The MArchSc is professionally recognised by the New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB).

Map of Lake Wairarapa and areas of interest

Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURPlan)

Learn how to shape and improve cities, towns, and regions. Develop the expertise to make our urban and rural environments more functional, sustainable, and appealing.

The MURPlan will be meet the standards for accreditation with the New Zealand Planning Institute.

Early evening shot of dark, square modern house lit from inside

Master of Architectural Science (Research) (MArchSc[Res])

Research and write a thesis within the broad field of architectural science, under the expert supervision of our academic staff.

You must complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Science before you can enrol in this Master’s.

Three monochrome collages of futuristic architectural designs

Master of Architecture (MArch)

Explore the theoretical side of architecture and dive deeper into its history and theory. Develop your analysis and critical thinking skills with in-depth study into your area of interest.

In this thesis-based programme, you can build on the knowledge you gained at undergraduate level. Or, if you’re already working in the industry, you can expand your knowledge through research.

Skyscrapers covered in plants, against a blue sky

Read about our research

Academic staff and postgraduate students in the school engage in individual and group research projects that cover a wide range of topics.

Research topics include Creative and critical, People, wellbeing and sustainability, Performance and technologies, and Te Ao Hurihuri.


The Wellington School of Architecture is involved in local and international cutting-edge design and research.

A pathway to a Master’s degree

Not ready for a Master’s just yet? Or perhaps you want to pursue professional development or advanced study in an area like project management. We have other offerings that could be perfect for you.

Our certificate and diploma qualifications let you select courses based on your needs and interests, spanning all the specialisations we offer. These programmes are valuable on their own, and they can also be a stepping stone to a Master’s qualification.

Graduate Certificate in Designed Environments

Enhance your knowledge of how the built environment is designed. Take a detailed look at current issues, new technologies, and advancements within the built environment.

This 60-point (one trimester) Certificate would suit practicing professionals who want to further develop their skills within the built environment.

Graduate Diploma in Designed Environments

Choose from a variety of learning options in areas within the built environment including architecture, landscape, and building science.

This 120-point (two trimesters) Diploma would suit graduates who want to add depth to their Bachelor of Architectural Studies or Bachelor of Building Science studies or who want to change specialisations.

Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural Science

Explore building construction and performance, project management, the relationship between buildings and their environment, and much more. Become confident in your understanding of architectural science.

The 60-point (one trimester) Certificate would suit those in industry who want to deepen their knowledge with part-time study. After completion, you can continue your study with the Diploma.

Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Science

Deepen your studies in architectural science. Learn to question, test, and gain a practical grounding in how buildings impact on the natural world through their design and construction.

The 120-point (two trimester) Diploma can be completed on its own, or you can continue your study with the Master of Architectural Science or Master of Architectural Science (Research).

Postgraduate Certificate in Designed Environments

Build on your knowledge of the designed environment and open the door to further postgraduate study in Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Landscape Architecture.

The 60-point PGCertDE can be completed in one trimester of full-time study or two trimesters part time. For those already in the industry, it provides up-to-date professional development.

Postgraduate Diploma in Designed Environments

Expand your expertise in designed environments with postgraduate courses in Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Landscape Architecture.

The 120-point PGDipDE can be completed in two trimesters of full-time study or four trimesters part time. Take it for professional development or as a pathway to Master's-level study.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD is the highest degree offered by the Wellington School of Architecture. It is completed by thesis only and is restricted to areas where appropriate supervision is available.

Learn more about the PhD
Atrium of Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation with potted plants on desks


The image in the banner at the top of this page is from Translating Ulysses: The House That James Built, an award-winning work by Master of Architecture (Professional) student Patrick Kelly. Photo by David St George.