Welcome from the Head of the Wellington School of Architecture.

Built environment professionals are creative problem solvers who conceptualise, design and build the world we inhabit. At the Wellington School of Architecture you can train to be architects, building scientists, interior architects and landscape architects. You can literally shape the future.

Studying in a school with this range of disciplines and an integrated curriculum means you will not only emerge as an expert in your chosen field but you will have a basic knowledge of and synergy with the other disciplines with whom you will go on to design our places and spaces.

The design problems of the present and the future require integrated technically innovative and imaginative solutions which must emerge from teams of designers who can sustainably, rationally, elegantly and humanely synthesise the complex aspects of a given project, be it an ecology, a city, a square, a building, a space, a building product or a technical system.

Each programme of study balances creative and the practical agendas, and covers the principles of design, technology and environment, history and theory and communication professional practice. As a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington you will embark on your career with honed communication skills, strong leadership capability, and proven creative potential. These attributes will equip you for a challenging and satisfying role in crafting a better world on behalf of your communities and clients.

The School is the crucible where this transformation will begin. Your lecturers are internationally acclaimed researchers and thinkers, award winning architects and dedicated and exceptional teachers. Your students and colleagues are the best and brightest from New Zealand and abroad, and you have state of the art facilities to explore and articulate your dreams. Come and join us.