Current PhD research

Meet a selection of PhD students in the Wellington School of Architecture and learn about their research.

Armano Papageorge

Autonomous Off-Site Construction: Structurally Optimised and Mass Customisable Building Components.

Daniel Coombes

An aesthetics of more-than-human designing in the Anthropocene

Eva Forster-Garbutt

(A)dressing the room: Decorative interior linings in New Zealand’s Victorian and Edwardian homes (1837-1914)

Francis Hubbard

Identifying indicators of success in the ‘Build Back Better’ post disaster reconstruction framework

Ged Finch

Developing affordable circular economy solutions for the construction industry.

Germán Molina

Making indoor ‘comfort’ a selling point in the housing market.

Griffin Cherrill

Tools to assess the risk of internal moisture from timber thermal bridges

Hossein Panahi

Urban form characteristics and land surface temperature - A spatial analysis of patterns, relationships and scenarios in New Zealand cities

Hossein Behmanesh

Research by postgraduate Architecture student Hossein Behmanesh explores the use of digital tools in planning events in public urban spaces.

Kamiya Varshney

Regenerative architecture: carbon sequestration and habitat provisioning through building design

Kasun Perera

Outdoor thermal comfort - An adaptive model to assess thermal comfort in urban outdoors in New Zealand

Leandro López

Leandro's research investigates how hidden river features and characteristics can inform landscape architecture design methods.

Luca Caiaffa

Magical Realist Cartographies

Maggie MacKinnon

Regenerative urban habitats

Maria Rodgers

(Re)Planting our natural heritage in urban Aotearoa New Zealand

Oludolapo Ibrahim Olanrewaju

Improving data quality assurance in the construction environment product declaration (EPD) for a reliable whole-building life cycle assessment (WBLCA).

Rachel Paschoalin

Renovation of Historic Buildings in New Zealand: Towards a holistic method for reducing environmental impact

Rana Abdollahi Rizi

Rana Abdollahi Rizi’s research investigates buildings envelope design considering occupants' behaviour and their comfort for building energy efficiency

Saima Shaikh

Improving housing resilience through Disaster Knowledge Management (DKM) assessment

Sepideh Afsari Bajestani

Exploring the relationship between place and place-making and creative-led developments.

Sophie Jerram

Sophie's research investigates the relationship between specific artistic encounters and commoning.

Swarnali Dihingia

The walking tourist: An investigation of people’s perception when walking

Yiwen Cui

Yiwen's research explores the sense of community in Aotearoa and how participatory planning processes can influence how different ethnic groups perceive it.

Yutong Jin

The architecture and humanities of ancient religious paintings are transferred from a two-dimensional space to an immersive virtual environment