Francis Hubbard

Identifying indicators of success in the ‘Build Back Better’ post disaster reconstruction framework

This study will address a gap that significantly limits the effectiveness of humanitarian-aided post-disaster reconstruction. As natural disasters increase in both frequency and severity the number of internally displaced people continues to rise. This has caused reconstruction following an unexpected event to be at the forefront of international aid, driven by the ethos ‘Build Back Better’ (BBB). Yet identifying the indicators (or the components of an indicator) to measure ‘better’ remains vague and ill-defined. Despite this, BBB has become ingrained in humanitarian action. This gap has led to several well-known instances where the realities of a BBB driven aid campaign do not live up to the aspirational ethos.

The study will focus specifically on transitional shelter and the BBB framework (over other frameworks) to advance the currently prescribed industry standard and improving current practices. By identifying indicators of success early and throughout the shelter response, a more effective and sustainable delivery of humanitarian aid can be expected.


Professor Regan Potangaroa