Alanah McCormick

Alanah enjoys the flexibility of her courses, which means she can bring her personal interests and experiences into her studies.

Alanah McCormick holding architecture models in front of her computer screen.

Alanah is in her fifth year of study with the Wellington School of Architecture. Her interest in Interior Architecture has grown over this time.

Interior Architecture looks at creating vibrant spaces using innovative design approaches. Alanah is particularly interested in how design is reflective of cultural identities and heritage and how these affect people’s experience in a space.

Her favourite courses have been about design integration.

“I enjoyed working on group projects, as part of a team, exploring design collaboration.”

Alanah credits the programme for its flexibility, allowing her to include her interests in her study. “I explored the role of wool in interior design for one of my papers.”

And now, completing her Master’s degree, her thesis looks at rural community halls and the role of interior design as a way of retaining local identity.

“My thesis stems from my rural upbringing—I have always been interested in drawing parallels between rural life and interior architecture.”

When Alanah completes her Master’s degree, she plans to travel before embarking on a career using the skills she has learnt as an Interior Architecture student.