Claudi van Velthooven

For Claudi, studying architecture allows her to express her artistic side.

Claudia van Velthooven holding a 3D printed object in front of two computer screens.

Art and Calculus were Claudia van Velthooven’s favourite topics in school, and she knew from then she wanted to be an architect.

“I love the idea that our built environment is, in some respects, the biggest form of public artwork and I want to be a part of crafting it.”

Victoria University of Wellington’s Architecture programme has provided Claudia with opportunities to develop her skills and grow as a person. This included the chance to spend a semester in Mexico on a student exchange.

“This was an incredible opportunity and gave me a new perspective on architectural design. I was immersed in a different culture and gained a new awareness of the beauty in cultural diversity and the impact this has on our designed environments.”

Claudia is in her fifth year of study, and is looking at computational design methods. She has found the University to be flexible and supportive throughout her studies. As a keen volleyball player, during her second year she was selected to travel to China as part of the New Zealand women’s volleyball team. The University worked with Claudia to ensure she could take the trip without it affecting her studies.

Claudia is hoping to head to a conference overseas later this year to present her thesis and appreciates the support the University offers.

“Victoria University of Wellington has been very encouraging, offering conference funding, and numerous scholarships are also available.”

Claudia will be moving straight into a job in Melbourne when she finishes her studies.

”I’ve been offered a position at Warren and Mahoney. Melbourne has a very exciting architectural scene and I think this will be a great follow on from my studies at Victoria University of Wellington.”