Luca Caiaffa

Magical Realist Cartographies

Luca photo

Luca is a Brazilian Architect who graduated in 2016 with the project-led thesis Hand’s Rhythm, at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, in São Paulo. Currently Luca lives in Wellington, where he is working in practice, tutoring and developing a creative-practice PhD at Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington. His research is a cross interrogation between speculative architectural mapping and the literary mode of magical realism, developed in Latin America in the 1940s. Through a series of situated creative works, the Magical Realist Cartographies explore the relationships between mapping, architecture and issues arisen from colonialism, i.e. how mapping practices are used to claim truth, its consequences in architectural understandings of place and in future propositions.


Professor Daniel Brown and Associate Professor Simon Twose