Billy Pearce

A broad first year of study allowed Billy to explore different avenues and discover his passion for landscape architecture.

Imagery of a landscape architecture project by Billy Pearce: a concrete and wood building embedded in a hill, with people walking, and mountains in the background.

Billy was always going to be an architect—his mother is one and a big inspiration in his life. Billy enrolled in the Bachelor of Architecture but found during his first year that he was drawn to Landscape Architecture.

”I always enjoyed nature and was interested in big scheme thinking—the questions asked when a site is marked for development.”

The first year of Victoria University of Wellington’s Bachelor of Architecture degree covers four majors—Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Building Science—and students go on to specialise in their second year.

“The Landscape Architecture programme has exceeded my expectations. The lecturers are all respected, inspiring and dedicated people, with the interests and aspirations of the students at heart.

“The work is hard but rewarding and the courses are forward thinking and flexible. The ideas produced in tutorials reflect the top-quality guidance we receive and I can truly say that the content we learn makes me proud.”

Billy grew up in the Wairarapa, which meant leaving home to study at the University. He lived in a hall of residence during his first year and says it was a lot of fun and he made some great friends.

Currently in his third year, Billy hopes to start his own landscape architecture firm one day.