Architectural aerodynamics

Wind design guide

Author: Jessica Bennett

Year: 2007

Course: BBSC_442


All buildings affect the wind. However the effect of the building on the wind envirnment varies from site to site, depending on many factors such as wind speed, wind direction, height, shape, the neighbouring urban environment and so on. The purpose of this guide is to provide designers with ways to design well in urban areas with respect to wind.

BBSC_433_Jessica Bennett_Wind Design Guidepdf1.8MB.

Assessing comfort using wind tunnel

Author: Fang Wang

Year: 2009

Course: BBSC_433


Wind comfort is essential to consider when designing buildings in the city. Poor building designs create bad situations and even a dangerous pedestrian level. A shop can be left vacant if the wind environment is really bad such as if wind gusts near the shop occur frequently. There are a number of cases around the worldof wind accidents in which people sustained serious injury or were killed.

BBSC433_2007_Fang Wang_Assessing Comfort Using Wind Tunnelpdf1.8MB.

Wind and sand on the south coast

Author: Dan Eves


Course: ARCH_332


The goals of this research will be to design a wind shelter, which though designed for Lyall Bay, could potentially be implemented throughout the south coast, addressing sand transportation and pedestrian protection.

ARCH332_Dan Eves_Wind and Sand on the South Coastpdf2.3MB.