Our students join a lively intellectual environment that offers innovative teaching and world-leading research in superb new facilities.

Combining our expertise in chemistry and physics gives us an edge in materials science research, and collaborations take our discoveries from the lab to the world.


Study Chemistry and uncover the world’s chemical building blocks. Design new drugs, discover new ways to harness energy, or create new tech to recover precious resources.

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Available subjects

  • Chemistry


Study Physics. Explore new forms of energy generation, understand changes to our climate, and open the door to futures in space exploration and quantum computing.

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Available subjects

  • Physics

Space Science

Space is the next frontier in human exploration. Discover what it takes to get into space—from science and technology to the big issues behind space travel.

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Available subjects

  • Space Science

Our research expertise

We are at the forefront of a wide range of exciting research

Brettelemani looks off camera, wearing a lab coat and safety goggles and laughing. Beside him is a lab bench with equipment.

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“At university you definitely have to be more independent, but there are also support systems in place if you need them.” Brettelemani Manaia, PGDipSc student in Chemistry.

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