Magnetic resonance physics

We research NMR methodologies and hardware to study molecular dynamics and organisation, porous media, and applications particularly in chemical and process engineering.

We are also involved in the design and construction of all aspects of NMR hardware, including coils spectrometers and magnets. Our group is a mix of scientists and engineers with expertise across a wide variety of techniques and applications.

The group is part of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences and the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. It was founded by Professor Sir Paul Callaghan when he was appointed to Massey University in 1975, and in July 2001 most of the group moved with Paul to Wellington.

Our group has a strong international presence, and generally half of the research students are from overseas. We have regular visits from academic colleagues from around the world, including Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, China and Brazil.

Academic staff

Associate Professor of Physics

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences