SCPS events for schools

Resources from Teachers Days 2020 & previous years.

The School of Chemical and Physical Sciences is again offering Outreach educational programmes in Chemistry and Physics for 2021. The programmes will provide your students with opportunities to visit Victoria University and experience the excitement of experimental Chemistry and Physics in a tertiary educational environment. We intend the programme to extend to students who have a strong interest in these sciences and who enjoy a challenge.

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More information on the following Outreach Events will be made available during the year.

Chemistry NZIC Quiz

Physics Senior Lab Experience Days

Chemistry Senior Lab Experience Days

Chemistry Scholarship Practical Workshop

Study at Vic Open Day

Chemistry Scholarship Theory Workshop

Physics Scholarship Theory Workshop 

Junior Lab Experience Days, Chemistry and Physics

Auckland Chemistry Teachers' Day

Wellington Physics Teachers’ Day

Wellington Chemistry Teachers’ Day


The annual New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (Wellington Branch) Chemistry Quiz is hosted in association with Victoria University of Wellington, and is open to teams from all secondary schools in the greater Wellington area.

Senior Lab Experience Days

Physics Senior Lab Experience Day

Chemistry Senior Lab Experience Day

These programs will be suitable for Year 13 and advanced Year 12 students.

Chemistry Scholarship Practical Workshop

This day is designed to provide students with guided practice for carrying out experiments in the laboratory with an emphasis on why you are performing certain tasks, and to practice using data to solve problems in chemistry.

Scholarship Practice Days 

Physics Scholarship Workshop

Chemistry Scholarship Workshop

Join our Faculty staff for our popular scholarship series, where you’ll be given guidance on the knowledge and skills you’ll need to get the best chance possible. Lunch is provided on all days.

Junior Lab Experience Days, Chemistry and Physics 

The aim of this day is to engage able year 10 students in some cutting edge science experiments related to chemistry and physics. Students will work in two laboratories, see presentations from people working in related areas, and tour research facilities at Victoria University. Throughout the program students will learn about the process of science, see the relevance of science to their own lives and the potential of science to solve some of the big issues that face the world today.

Chemistry and Physics Teachers' Days

Auckland Chemistry Teachers' Day

Wellington Physics Teachers' Day

Wellington Chemistry Teachers' Day

These days provide an opportunity for teachers to network and learn from each other, think about some of the latest developments in their favourite discipline and discuss topical educational matters. Please feel free to let us know if there is something in particular that you would like to learn about or see addressed at these events.