SERS book

Principles of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and related plasmonic effects

Book cover

Eric C. Le Ru and Pablo G. Etchegoin Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2009 (released on 15th Nov. 2008).

This book provides an overview of the underlying principles of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and their connection to the wider field of plasmonics.

The emphasis is placed on concepts and background material for SERS, such as Raman spectroscopy, the physics of plasmons, or colloid science, all of them introduced within the context of SERS, and from where the more specialised literature can be followed.

This book, which can serve as a reference for the SERS community, should also provide a welcome starting point for newcomers to the field. Among other things, it contains:

  • a comprehensive summary of the underlying physical concepts around SERS. Check out the full table of contents
  • an introduction to Raman spectroscopy from the point of view of SERS
  • a detailed general presentation of plasmons and plasmonics
  • a graded presentation of the electromagnetic model for SERS and surface-enhanced fluorescence
  • hands-on examples of SERS enhancement factor calculations for simple geometries
  • an overview of current research topics in the field and promising applications
  • hands-on approach to modern tools such as DFT calculations and EM modelling
  • ready-to-use Matlab codes for EM calculations on multilayers, ellipsoids, and Mie theory (including coated spheres). These codes can be downloaded here
  • PowerPoint files containing a compilation of the original figures from the book can also be downloaded for teaching or research purposes.

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