Nanomaterials devices group

Four people wearing blue lab gear in a laboratory
Researchers in the Nanomaterials devices group

We are studying new ways of making electronic devices out of nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes, metallic and semiconducting nanowires, and organic conductors.

Nanomaterials offer researchers a fascinating scope of properties to study in electronic devices. Due to the inherent size of the materials several areas of behaviour can be radically different from the bulk materials. As a consequence of this the global research effort in nanomaterials is huge and diverse.

One of the key areas of excitement is in the field of nanomaterials for biosensors. Due to the enhanced surface-to-volume ratio of nanomaterials and their exceptional sensitivity to the surrounding environment, it is possible to detect the presence of materials in the parts-per-billion range. We have been developing electronic platforms out of nanomaterials for biosensors.

Due to working on the nanoscale we have to do a lot of device fabrication in a clean environment. We do most of our work in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences’ Cleanroom fabrication facility.

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