Mechanical workshop

The school has a dedicated mechanical workshop and three full-time staff on site to design, manufacture and repair the wide range of equipment used by staff and students.

The workshop is fitted with high precision equipment - a CNC (computer numerical control) Suite with a lathe and 3-axis mill. It also has a full range of mechanical lathes, milling machines and workshop tools.

Workshop staff are experts in handling the complex and demanding tasks required in a research environment, who willingly accept challenging tasks. They work closely with academic staff and students to design and build the specialised equipment needed to support many of the research programmes in the School. Some teaching lab equipment is also developed and maintained by the workshop team.

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Alan Rennie

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Nick Grinter

Electrical and Electronic workshop

This workshop is also dedicated to the School and has expertise in electrical and electronic equipment. The workshop is available to design and build electrical and electronic equipment for specific research tasks when unique apparatus is needed for a particular job.

Here are some examples of things designed and built in the workshop:

  • A tumbler for dying wool samples
  • A device for measuring sea-ice permittivity
  • A high temperature (1500°C) oven controller

All electrical and electronic equipment used in the School is safety tested by the workshop before use, and workshop staff also repair lab equipment and source electronic componentry for staff and students.

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Rod Brown