Cleanroom fabrication facility

The Cleanroom Fabrication Facility is purpose-built for the fabrication of novel electronic devices.

The facility contains a full range of microfabrication and inspection equipment including a:

  • mask aligner for lithographic patterning
  • evaporator and sputter coater capable of depositing thin films of metals and dielectrics
  • reactive ion etcher
  • optical microscope and a Dektak profilometer.
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The laboratory also houses a 4-probe testing station and a parameter analyser capable of femtoamp resolution.

We also have spin coaters, fume hoods and a bench-top plasma system for substrate cleaning.

We collaborate strongly with the Nanostructure Engineering Science and Technology (NEST) facility at the University of Canterbury and the cleanroom microfabrication facility at the University of Auckland Microfab.

Read about our equipment and processing capability.

We welcome enquiries for users of the facility. All enquiries from potential users should contact:

Senior Lecturer
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Head of School
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences