SMARTIES (Spheroids Modelled Accurately with a Robust T-matrix Implementation for Electromagnetic Scattering) is a suite of Matlab codes for the calculation of the optical properties of oblate and prolate spheroidal particles, with comparable capabilities and ease-of-use as Mie theory for spheres.

It provides a fully documented implementation of an improved T-matrix algorithm for the theoretical modelling of electromagnetic scattering by particles of spheroidal shape.

These codes include ready-to-use scripts to cover a range of scattering problems relevant to nanophotonics and plasmonics, including:

  • Calculation of far-field scattering and absorption cross-sections for fixed incidence orientation
  • Orientation-averaged cross-sections and scattering matrix
  • Surface-field calculations, as well as near-fields
  • Wavelength-dependent near-field and far-field properties
  • Access to lower-level functions implementing the T-matrix calculations, including the T-matrix elements which may be calculated more accurately than with competing codes

SMARTIES download and license agreement

By downloading SMARTIES, you implicitly agree with its license agreement:

  • This package, including all its files and content are under the following copyright: 2015 Walter Somerville, Baptiste Auguié, and Eric Le Ru.

  • This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

  • The package may be used freely for research, teaching, or personal use. The unmodified complete package may be re-distributed and freely exchanged for academic research or government use, but cannot be commercialized or used for commercial purposes. The theory and code should be appropriately referenced by citing our user-guide in any presentation of results obtained using this package (or any other code using it).

SMARTIES (v1.01) can be downloaded as a zip file zip289KB

For installation instructions, see the SMARTIES User Guide, which also contains additional technical information and is included in the package in the root folder.