Steps to apply

Follow our steps to apply and get prepared before you start university.

International and doctoral students

International students have a different application process.

Domestic and international students apply for PhD and professional doctorates through the Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research.

Step 1: Check admission requirements

To be accepted to study at Te Herenga Waka, you will need to meet the requirements of one of the admission types. Checking these now will ensure you know what you need to work towards if you are still studying, or whether you already have what is needed to study in your preferred programme.

If you don’t meet the admissions requirements for degree-level study, consider our pre-degree courses and programmes—these may provide bridging options for you to gain admission.

Step 2: Choose your programmes

Explore our programmes and find the right one for you. Check you meet the entry requirements and prerequisites of your chosen programme. For advice on programmes and courses, get in touch with our Future Students team.

Some programmes and courses have limited entry on the number of students they can admit. To find out if the study options you're interested in have limited intake or selection criteria, you can search courses with limited entry.

Step 3: Apply for admission

You can apply for admission up to two years in advance of the year you plan to start. All you need to know is the degree and major(s) you would like to study.

  1. Create an account and apply through the student portal Pūaha. Admission applications for 2023 study and beyond will open in mid-September.
  2. Complete the application form and upload all required documentation. You will be advised of the documentation requirements when you complete your application.
  3. Once your application is submitted you will receive an email and Pūaha notification. Your admission to the University is ready to be assessed. You can track your progress through Pūaha and check to see if any further documents or information are required.
  4. Once you have met the requirements you will receive either a conditional or unconditional Offer of Place.
  5. Accept your offer to confirm your admission.

If you are still studying towards a qualification, you should not wait to receive your final results before applying for admission. Once you have submitted an application and fulfilled all other requirements you will receive a conditional Offer of Place. Your offer of place will become unconditional after your University Entrance results are confirmed.

Documentation for your admission application

You may be asked to submit the following:

  • Identity documents–Passport or New Zealand birth certificate.
  • Academic documents–Official transcripts/results/certificates.
  • National Student Number (NSN). If you have studied in New Zealand you should have one and your school can provide this, or you can check with NZQA.

You may also be asked for additional information such as a personal statement, CV, references.

Certification requirements

All photocopies of identity or academic documents submitted must be certified. Each page must be stamped as ‘copy of original’ by a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Lawyer/Solicitor, Court/Deputy Registrar.

Find your local Justice of the Peace. Some Justices of the Peace can offer online certification for individuals unable to meet face to face.

Alternatively original copies can be sighted at the Admissions and Enrolments office.

Do not send original documents.

Step 4: Course enrolment

After accepting your Offer of Place to the University and your chosen degree, you will be invited to select your courses once course enrolment is open. You select courses for one academic year at a time.

Make sure you select the required courses for your major(s) and minor(s). You can book a course planning appointment with our Future Students team if you would like help with your planning and decision making.

Step 5: Complete your enrolment

Once you have submitted your course selection you will receive your Enrolment Agreement. Accept your Enrolment Agreement to become fully enrolled.

If you have any outstanding conditions or documents still to submit for your admission or enrolment you will only become fully enrolled in your courses once these requirements have been fulfilled. Check Pūaha for any outstanding requirements.

Application tips

  • Have your NSN number ready – if you have studied in New Zealand, your school can provide this or you can check with NZQA. If you have never had one, we can create one once you have submitted your application.
  • Use an up to date personal email account – do not use a high school email account.
  • Make sure your supporting documents are certified copies. Don’t send us original documents.
  • Accept your Enrolment Agreement to complete your enrolment.
  • Track the progress of your application by logging into Pūaha.