Qualification assessment at entrance level

If you have another New Zealand qualification, or the international equivalent of New Zealand University Entrance, you’ll be admitted through this category.

If you are New Zealand or Australian citizen or a permanent resident and have one of the following, you can apply to the University:

  • Recognised university entrance qualification from New Zealand (e.g. A Rudolf Steiner Level 3 Certificate, Accelerated Christian Learning or Christian Education Level 3 Certificate).
  • Recognised university entrance qualification from overseas (e.g. A Levels from the United Kingdom, Cambridge International Examinations, or International Baccalaureate taken overseas).
  • Completed combination of NCEA credits and Cambridge International Examination subjects for university entrance.
  • Australian applicants with an ATAR rank of 74.00 or better or from Queensland an OP rank of 12 or better.
  • Completed Level 4 qualification from another New Zealand tertiary institution, which must be relevant to your proposed programme of study.
  • Certificate of University Preparation (CUP) from any other New Zealand tertiary institution with a B average or better, as long as you apply before the advertised deadlines. To be accepted into the Bachelor of Architectural Studies or the Bachelor of Building Science, you will need to have a B+ average. If you have a CUP with a lower average, you may be waitlisted and admitted if there is a place available in your programme.
  • Certificate of Foundation Studies from another New Zealand university as long as you apply before the advertised deadlines.

When applying, select the admission type ‘Qualification Assessment at Entrance Level’.