Planning school subjects

Planning school subjects from Year 11 helps you prepare for university study.

Making smart subject choices at school will keep your options open for university study. All of our degrees have recommended school subjects.

It’s important to be thinking ahead to university right from Year 11, so that your subject choices give you the best preparation and keep your options open.

Deciding on what school subjects to take

Students often ask what subjects they should take at school to help prepare them for particular subject areas at university. In nearly all cases, there are introductory or bridging courses offered for those with limited background in a subject area.

Recommended school subjects

For a full list of recommended school subjects for each of the degrees we offer, download our planning ahead guidepdf1.4MB. Hard copies are available at expos, information evenings, and other events.

You can still enrol in a specific degree/major/course if you have not studied a related subject at school, but for some subjects (such as Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics), it is useful if you have studied these at school. Some 100-level courses require particular NCEA (or equivalent) achievement. It is also very important that you take four or five University Entrance approved subjects.

Talk to someone

With so many decisions to be made in Year 12 it is important to know that we are here to help. Take the time to talk to your careers advisers in school and also feel free to contact our Future Student Advisers with any questions you might have.

Attend Year 12 day

Why not take the time to come up to Kelburn campus and enjoy our open day for Year 12 students? Make sure you are on the right track with choosing your subjects and with getting University Entrance. There are also great subject sessions for you to find out a little more about what it is like studying at university.

Choosing what to study at university

When deciding what you are going to study, think about your interests, career aspirations, and future goals. Most importantly, choose subjects that you enjoy and that you are good at, to help you stay motivated and give you a good chance of success.

Explore our areas of study

We offer a wide range of subjects. Your subject choices will determine the requirements of your degree, which can include courses from a range of subjects, so you can follow your interests and try new things.

It is possible to change your mind after you start a degree. If you want to take a different degree, add a degree, or do different subjects, you can change directions at each trimester.

Year 13 exchange

If you want to do an exchange in Year 13, you will need to achieve well in Year 12 to apply for Discretionary Entrance.