Provisional Admission

If you do not achieve University Entrance but do meet certain academic requirements, you can start a Bachelor’s degree in a restricted programme of study.

The Provisional Admission category provides direct admission to Bachelor’s degrees under an initially restricted programme of study. In the first trimester, you will be supported to develop core skills that will set you up for success in your degree and additional support will be provided throughout your first year. As long as you pass your courses in that first trimester, you will be able to progress in your degree of choice.

Students accepted under Provisional Admission can enrol in most undergraduate programmes—see the list of programme options.


  • In your first trimester, you will be restricted to 2 or 3 courses. One of these courses will be EDUC 191: Introduction to Academic Studies.
  • Your course schedule for your first year will be set for you based on your chosen degree and major. It will be set to a minimum of 100 points to ensure you are eligible for StudyLink.
  • If you pass your Trimester 1 courses, you will be able to change your programme but you will be required to discuss any changes with our advising staff.
  • If you fail any of your courses in the first trimester, you will be unable to continue studies toward your degree.
  • Provisional Admission is only available for students starting in Trimester 1.


To be accepted for Provisional Admission to Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, you must have:

  • an NCEA Level 2 Certificate (or equivalent), and
  • at least 14 credits in approved subjects at NCEA Level 3 (or equivalent), and
  • been enrolled in Year 13 at a New Zealand Secondary School.

Students over 20 years old who do not have University Entrance should apply through Special Admission.

Application process

  • Apply for admission under the New Zealand University Entrance category.
  • When your University Entrance results are available at the end of January, if you have not achieved University Entrance but have the criteria for Provisional Admission, the University will email you an offer of admission.
  • After you receive your offer, you will be asked again to confirm your choice of programme (degree and major).

Programme options

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Architecture, Architecture History and Theory; Interior Architecture; Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Arts (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Art History; Asian Studies; Chinese (if appropriate prior knowledge); Classical Studies; Criminology; Cultural Anthropology; Development Studies; Education; Education and Psychology; English Literature; Film; French (if appropriate prior knowledge); Geography; German (if appropriate prior knowledge); History; International Relations; Italian (if appropriate prior knowledge); Japanese (if appropriate prior knowledge); Latin (if appropriate prior knowledge); Linguistics; Māori Resource Management; Māori Studies (if appropriate prior knowledge); Media Studies; Music; Pacific Studies; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Public Policy; Religious Studies; Samoan Studies/Matā'upu tau Samoa; Sociology; Spanish (if appropriate prior knowledge); Te Reo Māori; Theatre

Bachelor of Biomedical Science (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Human Genetics; Molecular Pathology

Bachelor of Building Science (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Project Management (for Building Science); Sustainable Engineering Systems

Bachelor of Commerce (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Accounting; Human Resource Management and Employments Relations; Information Systems; International Business; Management; Marketing; Public Policy; Taxation; Tourism Management

Bachelor of Communication (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Linguistics; Literary and Creative Communication; Media Studies; Political Communication; Science Communication

Bachelor of Design Innovation (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Animation and Visual Effects; Communication Design; Design for Social Innovation; Fashion Design Technology; Industrial Design; Interaction Design; Media Design

Bachelor of Health (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Health Informatics; Health Promotion; Health Psychology; Population Health, Policy and Service Delivery

Bachelor of Laws (480pts)

Bachelor of Science (360pts)

You may choose ONE of the following majors: Biology; Biotechnology; Cell and Molecular Bioscience; Chemistry; Development Studies; Ecology and Biodiversity; Environmental Studies; Geography; Geology; Marine Biology; Physical Geography; Psychology; Science Communication

Get programme advice

If you need help deciding what degree might be right for you, get in touch to ask questions.