Provisional Admission

If you do not achieve University Entrance but do meet certain academic requirements, you can start a Bachelor’s degree in a restricted programme of study.

Provisional Admission only applies to students commencing in Trimester 1 and provides direct admission to Bachelor’s degrees under an initially restricted programme of study. In the first trimester, you will be supported to develop core skills that will set you up for success in your degree and additional support will be provided throughout your first year. As long as you pass your courses in that first trimester, you will be able to progress in your degree of choice.

Students accepted under Provisional Admission can enrol in most undergraduate programmes—see the programme options below.

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If you meet the criteria, you can apply by submitting an application to study. You will also need to book a session to discuss your admission pathway with one of our future student advisers.

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Restrictions to programme of study

  • In your first trimester, you will be restricted to 2 courses. One of these courses will be EDUC 191: Introduction to Academic Studies—this course is offered in person only.
  • Your course schedule for your first year will be set for you based on your chosen degree and major. It will be set to a minimum of 100 points to ensure you are eligible for StudyLink.
  • If you pass your Trimester 1 courses, you will be able to change your programme but you will be required to discuss any changes with our advising staff.
  • If you fail any of your courses in the first trimester, you will be unable to continue studies toward your degree.
  • Provisional Admission is only available for students starting in Trimester 1.

Mandatory attendance and course engagement requirements

In addition to achieving overall pass marks in both Trimester 1 courses, you must:

  • Complete a University Readiness Quiz.
  • Attend an orientation session for EDUC 191 during Orientation.
  • Attend all EDUC191 workshops unless an exemption is given by your tutor/course coordinator prior to missed workshops.


To be accepted for Provisional Admission to Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, you must have:

  • an NCEA Level 2 Certificate (or equivalent), and
  • Numeracy and literacy requirements for University Entrance
  • at least 14 credits in approved subjects at NCEA Level 3 (or equivalent), and
  • been enrolled in Year 13 at a New Zealand Secondary School (or equivalent).

Students over 20 years old who do not have University Entrance should apply through Special Admission.

Application process

  1. Apply online. Ensure you provide full information about your schooling background and any required documentation.
  2. Get in touch with us to discuss your admission pathway.

If you have previously applied under the New Zealand University Entrance category, we will automatically consider you for Provisional Admission, in the event you do not achieve University Entrance. To discuss your admission pathway, get in touch with us.

Programme options

Select a degree and a major to see the first-year course schedule.

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