Cambridge International Examinations

If you sat and passed the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in New Zealand, you’ll be admitted through this category.

To be automatically accepted into programmes offered, you will need to:

  1. achieve University Entrance
  2. achieve the Guaranteed Entry Score (GES)*
  3. fulfil any other degree-specific requirements (eg. performance audition)
  4. apply by the deadline.

When applying, select the admission type ‘Cambridge International Examinations’.

If you studied your examinations overseas, you will need to select the admission type 'Qualification at Entrance Level'.

* The GES also applies to applicants who sat CIE prior to 2016.

University Entrance through CIE

University Entrance through CIE consists of a minimum of 120 points on the New Zealand Tariff at A or AS level from any syllabus groups, which are broadly equivalent to those in the list of approved subjects for NCEA, and a D grade or better from at least three different syllabus groups (excluding Thinking Skills).

For the literacy and numeracy requirements you will need:

  • an E grade or better in any one of AS English Language, Language and Literature in English, Literature in English
  • a D grade or better in IGCSE or GCSE Mathematics.

The Guaranteed Entry Score

The Guaranteed Entry Score from CIE is 160 points for all undergraduate degrees, except the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Bachelor of Building Science which require a GES of 170 points.

How you calculate your CIE score:

  • The score will be calculated according to your New Zealand Tariff score.
  • You can count a maximum of six subject units over the last two years of study, in subjects at AS, A2 or A level from syllabus groups that match the NCEA University Entrance approved subjects. No more than two subject units may be counted from any one syllabus group.
  • An A level counts as two subject units. If you have studied more than six subject units the best six scores will be counted.
  • A CIE rank score may differ from the Tariff used for University Entrance because only syllabuses broadly equivalent to NCEA approved subjects are used for scoring.

The score will be calculated by awarding points as follows:

Level Grade
A* A B C D E
A 140 pts 120 pts 100 pts 80 pts 60 pts 40 pts
AS - 60 pts 50 pts 40 pts 30 pts 20 pts

Example of a score for CIE

Syllabus Level Subject units Grade Tariff points Score
English Literature A 2 D 60 60
Mathematics A 2 C 80 80
Geography AS 1 C 40 40
French AS 1 E 20 20
History* AS 1* E 20* nil*
Score 200

* Not counted as only six subject units are included.

If you achieve University Entrance but do not achieve the GES, you may be waitlisted according to your score and application date. You will be offered a place in your programme as soon as possible.

Victoria University of Wellington is committed to providing pathways to university for under-represented groups. Māori and Pasifika applicants who achieve University Entrance but do not achieve the GES will be admitted to their degree with the following conditions:

  • You must attend study and course planning interviews.
  • You must attend the Māori or Pasifika New Students’ Orientation.
  • You must participate in a faculty mentoring programme for Māori and Pasifika students.

Applications from students with disabilities who achieve University Entrance but do not achieve the GES will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.