Minors in the Bachelor of Commerce

A minor is an optional additional area of focus for a degree. All major BCom subjects are available as minors, while some subjects are only available as minors.

A minor is made up of a collection of courses in a particular subject. The workload for a minor is lighter than for a major—fewer courses to do, fewer points required. This makes a minor a good way to build a second or third area of focus or concentration into your degree. Find out more about how minors work.

All majors can be also be taken as a minor, so check the majors available in the Bachelor of Commerce. You might also be able to study majors from other undergraduate degrees as a minor in your Bachelor of Commerce.

Minors are made up of at least 60 points from the relevant subject area at 200 level or above. At least 15 of those points must be at 300 level and not counted towards a major or another minor.

Explore the subjects that can be taken as a minor below.

Business Ethics and Sustainability Management

Learn about the importance of ethical leadership and sustainability management in today’s business environment. Critically analyse the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals from a diverse range of perspectives and get prepared to apply the principles of sustainability and business ethics in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally.


Include the following two core courses:

Include one course from:

Include one further course from:


Econometrics is a tool for testing economic ideas and making forecasts. How do we know what effect a change in the official interest rate might have on inflation? To figure this out, economists can turn to econometrics. Learn to understand and use econometric models and methods.


Complete at least 60 points from:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor permits students from any Faculty, degree or major, to add a dimension to their programme of study focused on how they might develop the ideas they are learning, and the experiences they are gaining at the University, into products, services, ideas, or solutions that may help us change the way work, think and live.


Include the following two core courses:

Choose a specialisation

Commercial Law
Information Systems
Public Policy

Or you can include the core courses:

Plus, two other courses from the following:

The prerequisites for courses in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor schedule have been designed to enable students from any degree program to complete the minor within their existing course of study in the most efficient manner possible.