Chemistry at Victoria, The Wellington University

Prof. Halton at the launch of his new book

Many histories of academic institutions have appeared over the years. However, when it comes to seeing the evolution of a single area of study, there are remarkably few accounts available.

Emeritus Professor Brian Halton's latest work, Chemistry at Victoria, The Wellington University: A Personalized Account of the Hundred Years from 1899, serves to rectify this for Chemistry at Victoria University of Wellington.

This new book offers the long history of Chemistry at Victoria from the viewpoint of the chemist, collating much information not easily available elsewhere.

Besides the insightful and entertaining writing about the trajectory of chemistry at Vic over a more-than-100-year-long timespan, the book contains a wealth of information on staffing details, publications, and other useful data.

Many thanks are due to Brian for making the effort to provide this resource; now we just have to build on it to keep the history of chemistry continuously up to date.

Professor Halton's book is a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in chemistry or the history of Victoria University and is available for download in the link below. Chemistry at Victoria pdf30KB