An internship is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your employability, make professional contacts and increase your chances of finding work.

All the practices and principles you would use in looking for work after graduation are used in researching, applying for and making the most of an internship opportunity.

Internship basics

Find out about the different types of internships available to you, timings and contracts.

Benefits of internships

You can gain valuable work experience, connections and personal learnings from an internship.

Getting an internship

It pays to know yourself, do your research and build a network when trying to secure an internship. There are extra considerations for international students.

Make the most of your internship

Follow our guidelines and checklist to learn and impress, and make the most of your internship.

Health and safety

Be informed about your rights and responsibilities and aware of how to respond if you experience difficulties (including harassment) at your internship.

Alternatives to internships

Internships aren't the only experiences that can improve your employability.

Information for employers

If you're an employer looking to offer internships, we can help you to connect with Victoria students and plan your internship programme.