School-leaver scholarships

Each year the Tangiwai, Totoweka, and Kahotea scholarships are awarded to hundreds of talented school leavers.

The University’s Tangiwai, Totoweka, and Kahotea scholarships have been developed to support and encourage school-leaver students who embody the key attributes of excellence, leadership and commitment to community.

Each scholarship is named for a different type of pounamu (greenstone). Māori consider pounamu to be a taonga that can protect and act as a source of strength for those who possess it.

Applications are open

Applications are open for the Tangiwai, Totoweka, and Kahotea scholarships and will close at 4.30 pm on Wednesday 1 September 2021.

If you’re eligible, you can apply for more than one of these scholarships using the same application. However, you can only be awarded one.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome mid-October.

What you need when you apply

  • Your National Student Number (NSN)—or equivalent codes for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • If you’re applying for the Totoweka or Kahotea scholarship, you’ll also need to provide certain documentation. See the Totoweka page or the Kahotea page for more details.
  • If you are asked to submit a reference, make sure you send your reference request through the online application system well in advance of the closing date—your reference must be submitted by the closing date for your application to be considered.

Apply now

You can save your application and complete it later. Each section must be 100% complete before you can submit your application.

Tangiwai Scholarship—for excellence

The Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship celebrates academic excellence both inside and outside the classroom. These scholarships will be offered to the top school-leaver applicants enrolling in any of the University’s Bachelor degree programmes.

Up to 600 scholarships will be awarded, valued at $5,000 each, which can be put towards accommodation costs at a Victoria University of Wellington hall of residence, or (for students not in a hall) as a contribution towards your first-year living costs.

Totoweka Scholarship—for equity and support

The Wellington Totoweka Scholarship recognises the University's commitment to equity issues in supporting students to have access to education. The University encourages strong academic applicants who are Māori, Pasifika, from refugee backgrounds, have a disability, or come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Up to 200 scholarships will be awarded, valued at $5,000, which can be put towards accommodation costs at a Victoria hall of residence, or (for students not in a hall) as a contribution towards your first-year living costs.

Kahotea Scholarship—for outstanding achievement

The Wellington Kahotea Scholarship recognises exceptional students and is valued at up to $35,000 over three years of study with us. The University encourages applicants who have achieved exceptional academic results or other high achievement within the areas of culture, community involvement, leadership or equity.

Up to 30 scholarships will be awarded to exceptional students. The package includes full accommodation costs for the first year at a Victoria University hall of residence, plus a grant of $5,000 for three years. For students who are not in a hall, the grant can be taken evenly across the three years or weighted higher over the first year.

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