Hapū Māmā Connecting

Hapū Māmā Connecting (HMC) is an interim toolkit that assists general practice to connect pregnant women with time-sensitive care during COVID-19 and beyond.

For pregnant women

A picture of an ambassador for the Hapu Mama Connecting programme, Harlem Cruz Atarangi Ihaia, who is pregnant in the image

Early care is really important and helps keep you and your unborn pēpī well. Pregnancy care and awhi (care and support) ideally starts before 10 weeks and to avoid delay of care, and can start over the phone.

If you are not yet connected to a midwife call your GP for a free telephone or virtual appointment or find a midwife today.

Hapū Māmā Connecting is in response to COVID-19 to ensure pregnant women in their first trimester don’t miss necessary care.

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For clinicians

Maternity care is essential. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond there is a risk that pregnant women in their first trimester will miss out on receiving time-sensitive care, which could lead to health disparities further down the line, particularly for Māori and Pacific women.

The HMC toolkit has been developed as an urgent COVID-19 response by Te Tātai Hauora o Hine—National Centre for Women's Health Research Aotearoa in partnership with Iwi and clinicians.

Download the Hapū Māmā Connecting (HMC) toolkit

HMC First Trimester Tool 2021 667KB, PDF
Notes for users of HMC 955KB, PDF
HMC rationale 581KB, PDF

Why do we need this tool?

  • There are time-sensitive actions that are needed for some women in the first trimester in order to avoid potential harm and death.
  • During COVID-19 and beyond women who are not connected with a midwife in the first trimester of pregnancy will miss this essential care.
  • General practices can act as a safety net to ensure women receive the first trimester care they need.

What is the tool?

  • HMC is a first trimester tool that clinicians can use over the phone to determine who needs more care.
  • HMC is an interim, bare-bones approach that aims to keep pregnant women in their first trimester safe. It does not replace clinical judgement.
  • HMC is based on a successful pregnancy advanced form used in Hawke's Bay, developed by Ngāti Pāhauwera in partnership with the National Centre for Women’s Health Research Aotearoa.
  • Clinicians can print and complete/highlight the form as needed.
  • HMC supports navigation to midwife/hospital and other services. Clinicians should keep a record of all women consulted.
  • HMC covers both clinical care and whānau wraparound support.

Questions about HMC can be sent to ncwhra@vuw.ac.nz.

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