The Wellington Faculty of Health has three centres.

Te Hikuwai Rangahau Hauora—Health Services Research Centre

Te Hikuwai Rangahau Hauora—The Health Services Research Centre focuses on the study of the health and disability needs of communities, and the organisation, planning, provision, use, and effectiveness of personal and population-based health and disability services.

The Centre's research spans six key topics:

  • Māori health
  • health system and health services research and evaluation
  • priority setting research and evaluation
  • access research and evaluation
  • Pacific health
  • disability issues.

Te Tātai Hauora o Hine—National Centre for Women’s Health Research Aotearoa

Te Tātai Hauora o Hine—The National Centre for Women’s Health Research Aotearoa was established in 2017 and has a proud tradition of research into health issues relevant to women, particularly those for Māori women in New Zealand.

Te Hau Kori—Centre for Physical Activity and Wellbeing

Te Hau Kori was established in 2022 in partnership with Ihi Aotearoa—Sport New Zealand to deliver policy- and practice-relevant research and the development of workforce capability for promoting physical activity in Aotearoa.