Shelley van der Krogt

Shelley credits postgraduate study for allowing her to explore her passion for the art of nursing and sharing this with the wider nursing profession.

Shelley van der Krogt poses for a photo at her place of work.

With more than 18 years' nursing experience in various hospital and community settings, Shelley is working on a part-time Master's research project considering the use of humour in nursing practice. Shelley believes that with such a varied clinical background, the Master of Health Care pathway was the best fit for achieving her postgraduate education goals.

Shelley has found the support that the teaching staff provide invaluable. "Their enthusiasm in sharing their knowledge and expertise is evident and they challenge you to reach your full potential," she says.

She notes that the research schools are well run and are a fantastic opportunity to meet with fellow students and build support networks.

"Postgraduate study has allowed be to get one step closer to my ultimate goal of entering the education field."