Students picking potatoes at the fruit and vegetable co-op.

Current students

Information and resources for students currently studying courses and qualifications in the Faculty of Health.

Tītoko—Student Success team

Find out how the Tītoko—Student Success team for the Faculty of Health can support and advise you throughout your studies.

Scholarships and awards

There are a range of awards and scholarships available to students at the Wellington Faculty of Health.

Manage your studies

All the information you need to ensure your studies go smoothly—key dates, tutorial sign-up, course planning, re-enrolment and changes, grades, and other admin.

Manage your money

Get on top of your finances with a bit of assistance with managing your student loan or allowance, paying fees, budgeting, and scholarship applications.

Services and support

Find out about the wide range of support on offer, including with your studies, health, and wellbeing, and with any conflicts that might arise.

Student life

Find out about clubs and societies, student communities, recreation and fitness services, and student exchange and leadership programmes.


Graduation is the time to celebrate your achievements. Find out about graduation ceremonies, how to apply, what to wear, and what will be on your certificate.

Careers and employment

Explore careers in health policy, strategy, and population health. Gain expertise to promote well-being and contribute to health services.