Mō mātou—our story

Learn the purpose of Te Hau Kori, the Centre for Physical Activity and Wellbeing.

Tō mātou aronga—Our purpose

Te Hau Kori aims to lead the delivery of policy- and practice-relevant research and the development of workforce capability for promoting physical activity in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Te Hau Kori has a treaty-based structure and function, meaning that Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti are equally represented in the academic and governance positions of the Centre.

We aim to:

  • Contribute to the evolution of physical activity policy and programmes in New Zealand by leading an evidence-based approach aligned with the government’s wellbeing agenda.
  • Develop an innovative workforce that can effectively promote physical activity and wellbeing based on established and emerging evidence.
  • Generate and apply information about physical activity participation in a way that empowers communities and resonates with all New Zealanders.
  • Te Hau Kori is a partnership between Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington and Ihi Aotearoa–Sport NZ.

Te takenga mai o Te Hau Kori—The origins of Te Hau Kori

Why are we called Te Hau Kori? This video (avaialable with English or Te Reo Māori captions) explains the elements that make up our name and how it connects with our purpose. You can also hear about Te Hau Kori from our Co-Directors in the highlights from our launch event available below.