Barriers to primary health care

A one-year project funded by the Ministry of Social Development Children and Families Research Fund

Project full title

Causes and consequences of barriers to primary health care

Funded by

Ministry of Social Development


The project is a longitudinal analysis of the Growing Up in New Zealand cohort. Our goal is to understand the persistence of barriers to primary health care from 24 to 54 months, the socio-economic and familial/whānau context in which these barriers operate, and health consequences of these barriers at 54 months. The research will provide evidence to inform policy to improve access to primary health care for children.

Principal investigator

Dr Mona Jeffreys, Health Services Research Centre

Start date


Research team

Dr Mona Jeffreys, HSRC; Dr Kirsten Smiler, Wellington Faculty of Health; Dr Jackie Cumming Wellington Faculty of Health; Dr Helen Francis, Ministry of Health


Dr Mona Jeffreys: