Research projects

View the research projects currently being undertaken by staff in the Wellington Faculty of Health.

Staff from the Wellington Faculty of Health are involved in a number of research projects both short term and ongoing.

Below is a list of current research projects that our staff are working on. Information on completed projects is available on individual staff pages, or you can view full list of our staff research interests for more information on our research activities.

Current Projects

Sore boobs: Navigating pain in the breastfeeding relationship

Experiences of disabled people accessing health care during the COVID-19 pandemic

ARC Extreme: Aged residential care needs of older adults with extreme obesity

Intermittent auscultation (IA) as fetal monitoring during labour: a systematic scoping review to identify methods of IA and their effects

Midwives' perspectives on complex care postgraduate education

Examining maternal infant attachment within the new communication environment

Maternal and fetal outcomes following water immersion for labour and birth

Improving health and wellbeing through patient-centred care: Lead maternity care service providers' online communication

The emergency department clinicians' perspectives of managing people with chronic pain

Conserving matauranga in a therapeutic and rehabilitation landscape

Telling it like it is: The diagnostic moment and its narrative

The transformative power of diagnosis

Reducing weight stigma and bias in training for health professionals

What is the impact of using simulation suits on the attitudes and perceptions of nurses working with obese patients?

Integrating survey and intervention research for youth health gains

Gamified mobile app for reducing youth depression

The Youth19 rangatahi smart survey