James Rice-Davies

James Rice-Davies is the only Clinical Nurse Specialist in HIV in the Wellington region. He is also in the first year of his Doctor of Nursing.

Portrait of James Rice Davies at the Wellington Regional Hospital.

James has worked in HIV and AIDS care since the 1980s and making a difference to patient outcomes in this area is a big motivator for embarking on his own research pathway.

“I am keen to give back and hope I can make a difference to those living with HIV and those yet to be diagnosed.”

The format of the new Doctor of Nursing appealed to James because the degree is broken into two parts and allows students to  move through the degree as a cohort.

“I am gaining new skills through the foundation courses we are completing before we start our research. It is setting me up to confidently complete my thesis,” says James.

“Additionally, working with other students on the same pathway reduces the isolation of completing a research degree.”

For those thinking about pursuing doctoral study, James suggests having a goal in mind when you start the process.

“Find something to study that you are passionate about. There are times when work and life makes study a little bit more difficult and it’s important to have a goal in mind for those times.”