Three postgraduate students walking along the footpath carrying textbooks and laptops.

Postgraduate study

The Wellington Faculty of Health offers a range of postgraduate qualifications.

Postgraduate Certificate in Health

Build on your experience and broaden your knowledge with a Postgraduate Certificate in Health.

Postgraduate Certificate in Midwifery

Advance your knowledge with specialist study in midwifery practice and complex care.

Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Science

Take your degree further and apply this knowledge to your workplace to improve nursing care and patient outcomes.

Postgraduate Diploma in Health

Take your degree and experience to the next level with a postgraduate diploma in an area of health that benefits your career.

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Science

Develop your knowledge, skills and professional confidence further with a Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Science.

Master of Health

Enhance your degree with a postgraduate qualification and gain the advanced knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the health care sector.

Master of Health Care

The Master of Health Care is closed to new applicants from 2019. The Master of Health is replacing this degree.

Master of Health Research

Broaden your knowledge with high-level research into an area of health care that interests you.

Master of Nursing Science

Build on your knowledge and skills with advanced study of nursing science. Improve your clinical practice or focus on an area of specialist expertise.

Doctor of Health

Become a leader in health theory, practice and policy. Make a difference in health settings in New Zealand with original, applied research.

Doctor of Midwifery

Develop and grow your leadership in midwifery. Enhance your career and make a difference with original, applied research through a Doctor of Midwifery.

Doctor of Nursing

Develop and enhance your leadership in nursing. Build on your career and make a difference in health settings with original, applied research with a DNurs.

PhD study

Conduct advanced original research and earn a PhD with the Wellington Faculty of Health.

Supervisors and research areas

There are opportunities to undertake research in a range of health related areas under supervision from researchers of national and international repute.