Abdulmalik (Malik) Saleh Hasanain

Malik Hasanain is working towards his PhD in Nursing, focusing on experiences of prostate cancer among Jordanian Muslim men.

A portrait of Malik Hasanain

Presenting your research to a large audience is a significant milestone and, in 2019, Malik Hasanain reached that step on his way to a PhD.

“I presented at an international conference, the 44th Oncology Nursing Society Congress in the USA. There were more than 4,000 delegates, so that was a big step for me and my academic career.”

Malik is in his third year of a PhD in Nursing at Victoria University of Wellington. His research focuses on the experiences of prostate cancer among Jordanian Muslim men. He explores the challenges they face and how they adapt to these challenges.

“My study goes beyond the field of nursing. I’m studying gender, identity, social, and religious studies. This depth of knowledge gives me a better understanding of how illness can affect other areas of our lives.”

Malik started his nursing career in a cancer centre, which led to a passion to learn more about oncology and haematology.

He aims to continue to develop his knowledge in these areas and hopes to become a university lecturer with an active research platform once he completes his PhD.

“Of course, the PhD journey is full of challenges. For me, I enjoy facing those challenges. There are many moments in a PhD that will make you proud. You have to be patient, because good work needs that,” he says.