Celebrating our nurses, midwives, and health professionals

Nursing, midwifery, and health practice alumni and staff share their stories.

Current students


A portrait of Charles Smith that reads alumni profile in text next to it

Charles Smith

Alumnus Charles Smith is a Principal Adviser Health for the Department of Corrections.

A portrait of Chris Murphy smiling to the camera

Chris Murphy

Alumna Chris Murphy is a Project Leader at Hospice New Zealand.

A portrait of Rosemary Diehl that reads alumni profile next to it

Rosemary Diehl

Alumna Rosemary Diehl is a Registered Nurse providing mental health nursing care in Central Otago.

A portrait of Malik Hasanain

Abdulmalik (Malik) Saleh Hasanain

Malik Hasanain is working towards his PhD in Nursing, focusing on experiences of prostate cancer among Jordanian Muslim men.

Man smiling at camera

Andrew Jull

Ask him what’s the best part of his current job and Professor Andrew Jull, who is a Professor of Nursing at the University of Auckland, barely pauses to think.

A portrait of Jan Pearson

Jan Pearson

Alumna Jan Pearson is a retired nurse with a varied career in nursing and health-related fields.

A portrait of Jo Mulheron

Jo Mulheron

Jo Mulheron is a registered midwife studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Midwifery.

A portrait of Karen Holden

Karen Holden

Karen Holden is the Care capacity demand management nurse coordinator for Hutt Valley DHB and a student of the Master of Health.

A portrait of Leeanne Orban

Leeanne Orban

Leeanne Orban is a Clinical nurse specialist (RNP) and clinical team leader, primary healthcare. She is a student of our Master of Nursing Science.

Meagan Hughes smiling at the camera for a portrait

Meagan Hughes

Meagan Hughes is a Diabetes Nurse Specialist and completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Nursing Science.

Polly Grainger

Polly Grainger

As a graduate nurse, Polly Grainger never thought she’d leave the floor but now as a clinical projects specialist she says she’s never felt more fulfilled.

Sarah Rossiter posing for a photo in a black sweater. She is smiling at the camera.

Sarah Rossiter

Sarah Rossiter graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Science.

Suzanne Miller

Suzanne Miller

Dr Suzanne Miller’s research explored the experiences of healthy first-time mothers with uncomplicated pregnancies who choose to give birth in a tertiary-level.

A portrait of Tracey Xu

Tracey Xu

Alumna Tracey Xu is a Nurse Prescriber working at Mauri Ora—Student Health at Victoria University of Wellington.