Carly Robinson

Carly Robinson had been a sales representative in the electrical industry for 12 years when she decided she wanted to study a Bachelor of Health.

A portrait of Carly with the Wellington harbour in the background.

She was motivated to study by a desire to help people navigate information about health.

“I wanted to figure out how to distinguish the facts from everything else and use that to help people who are not living anywhere near their best possible life. I had been really interested in health for a long time but had never considered studying it.”

Since starting her degree, she has discovered connections between the areas of health she is studying; from biology to statistics to health psychology. She has also developed an interest in health policy.

“Implementing policy is about making a difference and I never considered that before I came to university. I want to help change the health system, so I have to understand it.”

The more she learns about the health sector the more opportunities she can see for a career in the field.

“One of the big things I have learned is that there are a lot of job opportunities. I have learned to be open to change.”