Recent publications

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Journal articles


  • Pledger M, Irurzun-Lopez M, Mohan N, Jeffreys M, Cumming J. An Area-Based Description of Closed Books in General Practices in Aotearoa New Zealand. Journal of Primary Health Care 2023;15(2):128-134. doi: 10.1071/HC23035.
  • Unmet oral health care need and hospitalisation: an Aotearoa New Zealand linked cohort study” McKenzie F, Ellison-Loschmann L, Jeffreys M Submitted to The NZDJ
  • Financial barriers to primary health care in Aotearoa New Zealand. Jeffreys M, Ellison-Loschmann L, Irurzun Lopez M, Cumming J, McKenzie  F revision submitted to Family Practice





Book chapters

  • Cumming, J., Buckley, S., Russell, L., Fa’asalele Tanuvasa, A., Evaluation, in Hassall, G. and Karacaoglu, G. (eds) Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand, (Massey University Press, 2021)
  • Cumming, J., Middleton, L., Smith, V., Health Policy. In Hassall, G. and Karacaoglu, G. (eds) Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand, Wellington, (Massey University Press, 2021)
  • Smith V, Moore C, Cumming J, Boulton A, Whānau Ora: An Indigenous policy success story, in Successful Public Policy: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand (ANU Press, 2019), pp. 505-529
  • Cumming J, Salmond G, Reforming New Zealand health care, in Markets and Health Care: A Comparative Analysis (2018), pp. 122-146
  • Cumming J, Gray J, Middleton L, Davis H, Martin G, Hayward P, Ko Awatea: Improving Quality, Promoting Innovation, in Health Systems Improvement Across the Globe: Success Stories from 60 Countries edited by: Braithwaite J, Mannion R, Matsuyama Y, Shekelle P, Whittaker S, Al-Adaw S (CRC Press, 2017)


  • Middleton L, Dunn P, O'Loughlin C, Cumming J, Taking stock: Primary care innovation. A report for the New Zealand Productivity Commission. (Wellington, Health Services Research Centre, Faculty of Health, Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
  • Russell L, Levy M, Cherrington L, Whakamanawa: Honouring the voices and stories of Māori who submitted to the 2018 Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction in Aotearoa. (2018)
  • Russell L, Te Oranga Hinengaro: Report on Māori Mental Wellbeing Results from the New Zealand Mental Health Monitor & Health and Lifestyles Survey. (2018)
  • Faasalele Tanuvasa AE, Neale J, Churchward M, Buckley S, Cumming J, Process Evaluation of the Kootuitui ki Papakura/Mana-ā-riki Programme (2017), pp. 1-59

Conference Presentation


  • L, Cumming J. Consequences of Cost Barriers to Primary Health Care in Aotearoa New Zealand. Health Services Research UK Conference. Birmingham, UK (July 2023).
  • Health Services Research UK Conference 2023: Barriers to primary healthcare among people with COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. Authors: Bailey Yee, Mona Jeffreys, Fiona McKenzie, Lis Ellison-Loschmann, Claire O'Loughlin, Janet McDonald, Jacqueline Cumming and Lynne Russell.
  • Dr Nisa Mohan, GP Conference 2023: The challenge of closed books in primary care, access, health outcomes and equity in Aotearoa New Zealand, organized by RNZCGP in Auckland.   Co-authored by: Dr Maite Irurzun Lopez, Dr Megan Pledger, Assoc Prof.    Mona Jeffreys, Dr Fiona McKenzie, Dr Jacqueline Cumming.