Shelley Teasdale

Shelley Teasdale is a registered midwife working towards a Doctor of Midwifery at Victoria University of Wellington.

Portrait of Shelley Teasdale

Having previously gained a Bachelor’s degree and a Postgraduate Diploma, she was motivated to enrol in a professional doctorate as it offered the chance to contribute to the midwifery profession through research.

“As a community-based Lead Maternity Care midwife, access to current information and knowledge that can be shared with women and their whānau is the backbone to my practice,” she says.

“Evidence-based care provision is not negotiable for me, and to have an opportunity to contribute to that knowledge base is incredible.”

Shelly is completing postgraduate education while raising a young family, something that has been both challenging and rewarding.

“I have confidently role modelled for my children that if you want something bad enough and you are prepared to work hard you can achieve anything. That is something I am very proud of,” she says,

“The way I see it, if you are passionate about something it would be a shame to ignore it and not follow through. Postgraduate education is no different.”